Try everything at least once!

Posted: October 23, 2012 in Life
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Hi everyone,

I happen to be a prolific writer (at least I’d like to think so) and it wasn’t until I paid heed to the words of the Master of Villainy – ‘The Joker‘ from ‘The Dark Knight‘, quoting – “If you are good at something, never do it for free“, that I truly understood the real importance of my power. When I implemented the same in my real life, I began free-lancing. I did it for about 5-6 months when I discovered I am a truly magical being and that I have other talents as well. So I decided to give a shot to my real pursuit, something others might consider a curse – ‘programming’. What? Don’t you just Boo at me! No, I do have a life. Basically, I am an amateur programmer. There! that should take the heat off.

Yeah our real-life jobs suck. But here’s what I think. (I’m gonna stop you right there ‘Dwayne The Rock Johnson‘, it matters to my readers I guess.)

“How do you know beforehand that you would suck at a particular job without even giving it a shot? How do you know that a work is boring, unless you have really given your 100% and then failed at it eventually?”

I’d urge everyone not to back down from anything new, rather take every new task as a challenge and let your inner power, will and mind decide whether it is worth doing. Like that James Blunt song, I’ll take everything in this life, I would wanna try everything at least once. That way I wouldn’t miss anything good, I surmise.

Feeling inspired? No? Damn I suck!

  1. LFC08 says:

    So, are you enjoying your life now as a “programmer” ?

    • scottshak says:

      I sure am. I hope things to pave in for a better future. Lets just say I am an apprentice, wishing big guns to escalate me to the next level. A vague reference to the company I was placed in. 😛

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