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Few days ago, I felt I was tied in shackles. There was so much work load, I could hardly breathe. I was surrounded by diplomats. Politics defiled the atmosphere. I would be lost in explanations. I would be fighting battles and wars, yet would feel berated by circumstances. I would always find myself struggling to prove myself and end up being underrated all the time. I needed a break. Big time. Got one at last. A big one.

Now I am in Mangalore. Adorns southern part of India. It’s been just three weeks and I am in love with the city already. I feel like I have been living here for ages. The city has so much to offer and I have so much to take.

My new job allows me to spend awesome weekends. The city takes care of the rest. The coastline of Mangalore is strewn with numerous beaches. Panambur, Mukka, Suratkal, Tannirbavi and Someshwara are to name a few.

I went to Panambur, the very next day I arrived. The irresistible waters drew me unknowingly. It was only after I splashed into the water that I realized how salty sea water really is. I, along with some friends, basked for hours in the bountiful Arabian Sea. The sand was a little rough and coarse yet magnificent. The water carried sediments with every gush. Starfishes decked the entire perimeter of the beach.

I also visited Malpe Beach, located near Udupi. All it took was a ferry ride (Yeah! I impersonated Jack Sparrow on a ferry) and we (22 other colleagues) beheld heaven staring back at us. A place renowned as ‘St. Mary’s Island‘ beatified us beyond limit. I was surprised by the awesomeness of the island. Marveled I, at the beauty of what surged in front of my eyes and wondered out loud, “How can a thing be so beautiful!” (There goes the poet again!)

The water was blue, clean and beautiful. Some naturally carved rocks emerged from hither and thither. They were strewn all across the island. I saw crabs and fishes too. (I absconded at the mere sight of a crab. I was like, “Holy crab!”)

Later when we got back to the Malpe Beach, we decided to spend some time enjoying the scenery. I spent around an hour sipping in the serenity of Malpe. I felt blessed to be able to see the sea once again and to feel the cool breeze through my hair. To be able to rub my skin against the glistening and natural sand that donned Malpe gave me immense pleasure. I saw the elderly rejuvenate with the splash, adults metamorphose into kids with elation written all over them, and kids blast away with the surge of the waves. It was magical.

The water at Malpe carried more sediments. The sand however was soft, white and smooth. Starfishes bedazzled the beach too but were less in number.

Apart from beaches, we have also visited couple of other places in Mangalore. Pilikula Zoo and Gokarnanath Temple are amongst those we have already traversed. Both these places had their own stories to tell.

There are hundreds of places still unexplored by us and we are just getting started. There are so many weekends yet to come and we have the luxury of time.

I am really glad Mangalore happened to me. It brought out the dead explorer in me. It gave me what I was missing for a long time – fun, adventure, exhilaration and booze. Whoa! Easy there tiger!


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