The Perpendicular Universe firecrackerI wove this beauty whilst I was working. Came across a beautiful pic of fireworks on hitRECord. Suddenly it got me thinking about how we are so much engrossed in our lives that we hardly look up at the night sky. Isn’t it beautiful too? I tried to put sense in “why am I not upstairs looking at the starry dark” ever, and why we always consider something evanescent like a firework gorgeous.

Fleeting is always beautiful. Time makes it more splendid. The jaded of forever doesn’t bind it. That’s what makes it alluring. Read on:

          The Firework

Lit up the night,
With a thousand flies,
Those weren’t stars,
But bulbs of red

Of green, and blue,
Of blood and sweat,
Of might and white,
The rainbow of the dark.

Did you ever bide to see?
The dead so good,
A starry night,
On a tarry road?

Of stories told,
On a board that black?
So bleak it seemed,
So stark this dark!

This running life,
That hates to stop,
And loves to fly,
Not to the skies

Where lurks those stars,
Where sun hides,
Only calls its dreams,
That the sun can hear

But the stars can’t hark,
Coz it’s bright and full of life,
But the night is dull,
Only calls for lull.

Wait we for,
A spark of light,
Not the dead of bright,
That stays all night.

Wait we for,
Fleeting specks,
That don’t stay up,
Like us all night.

Those works of fire,
That light our sky,
Catch our hold,
Of breath that goes

Forever, and bound in spell,
We stand for swell,
To take it all,
To breathe it in.

For it lasts,
Only a moment,
Is all we have,
In this running life, that just can’t stop.


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