The Perpendicular Universe Songs of a Ruin SOAR

This came out as a justification to the title of a new blog I decided to run, trying to satiate my poetic head. You could check out the link for the same:

             SONGS OF A RUIN

Voices I make
From embers of dead,
Silent croons they are
They go unheard.

Brute heads
Don’t turn around
To have a look
At my mess.

New was I once,
Alive and the breathing kind.
My red was strong,
My head was bright.

I’d see the sun
Before it’d see me.
Would heave in dusk,
And embrace their dark.

And count stars all night,
My pastime,
As if all gloom
Was mine.

Would chat with birds
And laugh with breeze,
Weep with rains
And play with bees.

And behold the grand,
Praise the right,
They bowed to me
Might was me.

Now ashes I feel,
Cinders I taste,
Old and rotten,
My body it fades.

My neck ails,
Yet I feel a song,
Perched up in pain,
That just won’t come out.

My glee forgotten,
Husk I am,
Rip me apart
O rain! Cry me away!

I have seen it all,
What a ruin is man
What hatred he holds!
Shudders my soul.

Silent mouths
They howl anyway
My story of stones
Grated with time.

Their greed for theirs,
Plundered my heart.
Took me away,
From me.

Piece by piece,
Ripped apart
To invisible,
To Nothing.

Hollow I am,
Echoes cease in my webs,
Wrought by naught,
Empty within.

I am a ruin,
Don’t wish to be
The tread of the dead,
But the walk of the living.


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