The Perpendicular Universe Conveyors of Doom

I have always hated my job. This isn’t the first time I am writing of the insouciance I have for it. The idea of spending, nay, slaying 8 hours a day doing something that hardly creates a ripple in life has always peeved me. I look at it as outright slavery. Bearing whips after whips to fulfil someone else’s dreams. The fact that I stand at such a puny corner of an organization that barely cares for my existence is another bummer. It is like how it makes me feel when I think about how akin mote I am to the galaxy. Unseen, my struggle barely displaces a stone, whilst unperturbed the company I work for grinds its gears to churn more like me. Robots, we are! Stark robots we are, only working to recharge our batteries.

I get this empty feeling sometimes like I have been sucked out of life. That I am being pushed by people behind to keep me moving or I will clot the line. But what I don’t understand is why am I going with the flow in the first place? Why can’t I just step aside for a second, find my own way, and create my own lanes instead?

I wish to quit at once, start with my own personal ambitions. My creative hands keep fidgeting for creation. But unfortunately they need more time. My job doesn’t let me live enough to spare a few hours for my dreams. It scoops me like I must be some kind of personal serf. It uses me thorough and good, and drops me lifeless and hollow.

I am a sucker for time, but I feel it’s running out. The time with me, the sole crux of life, is slipping out. I am on a conveyor belt doomed to take things into the crusher. It is going to eat me alive, I know. I am well aware of its awaiting jaws. But I can’t move. Even though there is a will to jump off the belt for a second, people wouldn’t let me. They are holding my legs with feigned responsibilities, fake love and faux care. What I truly believe is “If you really care for someone just let them go.” But they are too stupid to believe that.

When will I do, what I am supposed to do? Will it take another lifetime?

  1. Diwya says:

    Hey Dude !! This is a very strong feeling coz we want each and every thing to happen as per our wish.. Which I have experienced, feels a little bit annoying but not heart breaking coz it wasn’t my best shot. We always want our best shot to deliver .. after that only we give up… And we do dream that after achieving that we will be happier ever after … But on the contrary it is just a hurdle and many more are waiting for us to happen at the proper instant of time. So one thing should be clear in our mind that .. we dont have to go anywhere but to be satisfied . And try to find the best ways to entertain yourself and live a life you are plying for. Coz it is what it is … Man cannot get satisfied .. and in our society everyone has a mouth….

    • Scottshak says:

      I cannot give two rats about what people say. They are not living my life. If I am right, and I am true to myself, I will do things irrespective of what the world thinks of me. That’s how it should be! People try to bring you down, because they haven’t succeeded in their endeavours and they don’t like the idea of those who succeed either. They have always hated the dreamers. Always hated who think different and try to break loose of their conventions. Because nobody wants a change. History is brimming up with instances!

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