Posted: January 23, 2019 in Personal
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I don’t rule out your possibility, never have. All the things they say about fate, gives me butterflies knowing how mysteriously I have been picked up and placed on foreign land as if I were some part of a big plan, that I had a part to play. It gives me goosebumps knowing I could be the protagonist of this story. So I somehow find you. Even so, if that’s a trick of fate, I must say, I am pretty impressed by this diabolical concoction that beats me and beats us all. How marvelous! Supersedes everything human.

corpse image

How you did not let me feel it all this time, and then suddenly you did.

I can’t ignore the presence of this divine intervention knocking at my door. But I can’t help but wonder, how I have this usual wont of fucking up every good thing in my life. That this too might end up with blood in my hands, and no matter how hard I try to be careful around you, I might break you because I am a rock solid corpse, and you are fragile around everything that’s dead.

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