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I am finally able to get her out of my system. She is a withered memory now. I can’t believe it took me six long years to be able to do that. May be I wasn’t willing to let go. May be I liked my angst. I surmise, there was a loop open, which I closed deliberately to get rid of her memories, once and for all.

When I try to look back now, I just remember few wonderful moments. I don’t remember her face properly now. Just those events, they dangle like old faded memories. I know that those days happened, yet I don’t remember with whom they occurred. I recollect a hand in mine, but I am unable to put a face to it. Glad she withers each day. I am finally not reluctant to embrace something new.

I have started looking for new beginnings. I have successfully plucked the final thorn and taken the leap of faith. I feel like I am living now. Earlier it was like dying under a sealskin. Now I am bold and bare.

Sometimes I wonder, what made that possible. Did time heal me? Or did new faces overwhelm me? Whatever the reason might be, I am grateful that I have managed to climb up, dust off and rise up from the ashes of my defeat.

A fresher countenance has replaced hers. However, I am still a pawn and fate is still the king. Today, I have newer chalks with me and a duster to rub off the old.

What matters most is the fact that I am living and breathing again.