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The perpendicular universe no hands

The world around me is crumbling. People are falling down. Breaking bad. Failing. Collapsing. Ending up in beds. Twitched. Contorted. Distorted. Disfigured. Bleeding.

Whilst all of this is happening, I am right there in their center, standing, watching them go down. My eyes read disbelief. Looking at them go down. One by one. I feel helpless. As if I am a plague. A dreadful contagious one. Wherever I go, birds drop dead. The globe darkens. The sun slips into an eclipse. Animals moan and fall. I feel horrible.

I am watching them turn. I can witness their change amidst unmatched rejuvenation. One moment everything is fine. We are having a time of our life, the next we are devoured by the unprecedented jaws of chaos. Time stops by when they are converting like a zombie. In those fleeting seconds, I can see them lose it. An inexplicable fallacy swallows them up. They become bitches to it, and then they are not here. Here, yet not here.

Somewhere I feel responsible. Like I could have saved them. I had the chance gawking at me, mocking me in my face. Something tells me if I had just tried harder, if I had used the right words….if I could have just stopped them! But tragedy always lurks in the shadows, waiting to happen. No matter what you say or do. You can’t stop the inevitable.

People wouldn’t listen. They have a mistaken sense of honour, a mistaken sense of discernment, that can never be overpowered. You feel powerless in front of them, trying. That’s what happened. And then I am left up with a world of thoughts, and a sky full of what-ifs.

Tragedies are written. We are just living it.