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ImageTom Hanks can make you cry without being in a movie too.

I remember the first time I cried watching a Tom Hanks flick, precisely because I wept for about half an hour. Cast Away definitely brought out tears in me. I remember pouring out like a girl when I felt my glass was exuberant with emotions. There was this sad part during the final moments in the flick, where I empathize with him. I embody him during those final moments, when I get to see my wife after so many years. All that torment and torture on that island! Hope kept me going. Hoping to get back home to her, kept me breathing. She was the reason I kept hanging on. Her memories had strengthened my will of survival. I had to go back for her. And when I finally return, I find her married to some other guy. That shattered me just as it did Tom, in the flick.

The same sinking feeling I probably would have got, had I read the unabridged version of ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’ by Alexandre Dumas first. When Dantes makes his escape from the Chateau d’if with the help of Faria, getting back to Mercedes was the only thing he ever wished for, apart from his revenge. However, when he gets back to find out that she had married her cousin Fernand, it breaks his heart. As a child, I wasn’t given the original version of ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’ to read. It was the happier version of the book Dumas wrote, where he gets back to the fidelius Mercedes who waited all those years for him to come back.

We were children back then. Our books were supposed to have happy endings. Our heads could take only fairy tales. Our movies would always end up with smiles and happily ever-afters. Albeit I read the original at a later stage, it didn’t feel the same. I was extremely disappointed by how things turned out in the real world.

I recently watched ‘Extremely loud and Incredibly close’. That justifies the very first line of this blog. I was blown away by the intensity of the misery the family had to face. 9/11 was one of the most tragic events in the history of mankind. The adverse aftermath on a child, whose father was his hero, also a victim of 9/11, was captured and narrated beautifully. It is so touching that I cried throughout the movie. The evanescent presence or rather the prolonged yet moving absence of Tom Hanks was so shattering that it would break me into tears every now and then. Moments when Sandra Bullock would try her level best to speak to her son while the recalcitrant and tenacious lad would retort bluntly was indeed disheartening. There was this time when both Sandra and Thomas really connect and share what they miss the most about Tom. It was subtly written with extreme warmth. Also the time when Thomas Horn breaks, after narrating his biggest secret which he carried with him forever depicts how frustration, angst and misery really look like. Excellent acting by Thomas Horn as well. He runs to his house and destroys everything he ever created. He cries like a boy who has lost everything. So unfortunate and yet so powerful. It really makes your heart heavy.

There is something about Tom Hanks that really connects to you. If he is a father, he becomes very gentle and caring and maybe the best dad in the entire world. If he plays a lover, he becomes adorable and lovable instantly. He just knows how to do it right.

I think you must watch this flick if you are really sad. It would help you in your downpour and add up to your flood.