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I feel restless. As if the meaning of life has further inched its way into the dead blankets of obscurity. I am subconsciously aware of what I am doing. Just not sure why am I doing it. Every task I have taken, every job I did, reeks of a certain ‘way’ that someone from time has punched in my head. Placed into my way. Made it his own. I am ‘asked’ to tread on it. But why? Why didn’t they tell me why?

Why do you do a thing? Why do you do a particular kind of job? Who puts it into your head? To follow a certain thing? Why do you need to follow it in the first place?

Our lives are taught. Fetched, out of our own will, misled and misdirected just to engage ourselves in something meaningless and superficial. So that we don’t question back. So that we don’t bother look up into the sky for answers.

So puny I feel sometimes, not able to do anything about finding our creator. So many people who have access to what lies yonder, who are able to move freely in space, who defy gravity that keeps us together on ground, are so lucky, are so fortunate to be able to explore. If it is not about finding Him, it couldn’t be just about dying.

Humans are stereotyped engineers. Robots following orders from better and upgraded versions of other robots. No matter how much you know, how much you are aware about your exploit, you still cannot do anything about it. Just following, like puppets, every command fed in your head. So pointless our existence! Such meaningless our struggle for answers! Nothing drops by. Nothing makes it here. Nothing changes.

I wish to find You. I just wish, You take me away from all of this. I don’t care if it’s nothing but dark out there. I just wish to know the truth for once. For once I wish not to be lied to!