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I remember being blown away when I read Mark Twain’s most popular book “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” for the first time. Back then I was in sixth grade. I was impressed, at once. It had such a huge impact in my life that it’s hard to zero in on just one significant area.

I had this queer habit of wearing skins of protagonists that I would become them. I remember collecting petty things like nails, pebbles, marbles, chewing gum wrappers, safety pins and strings, for the sake of trading them during desperate times, just like Tom would. Unfortunately I wasn’t that smart! I couldn’t coax even a mosquito into biting me. Also no one cared for the trivial things in my pocket.

Thomas meant trouble. So would I think in my little head, if someone called me by my full name it would insinuate trouble too. But that would rarely happen. I kept waiting for someone to call me by my full name, but people barely remembered to care. Also, I was probably the only one around smitten by the boy’s life, I think.

Becky Thatcher wasn’t just Tom’s love life. She was mine too. I remember putting a face to my image of Becky. I was new in the school and there was this girl who was the custodian of the class. She wasn’t that pretty, but in my head she was. I imagined Becky to be just like her. She would stand minding her own business, and I would read her expressions closely wondering if Becky would say something like that to Tom, or if Becky was pissed she would make faces like that! Mark Twain was the first writer to have successfully stirred up the absent emotional quotient in my heart. I barely matched anyone’s frequency then. Also it felt like a dud idea to feel for a wall that doesn’t hug you back.

There were some enemy elements to the endearing Tom’s tale which made the story enthralling, but the part with Becky in it appealed to me the most. I would at once subconsciously enter the ecstasy zone, and silently wish them both good. I would remain in that eternal rapture until of course the fun lasted.

When I was done with the book, I reread it just to feel my goosebumps again. I remember reading it a couple of times to relive every bit of it. I remember wishing every inscribed memory undone, so that reading it would be unparalleled fun all over again.

Sometimes I wish if that could be applied to every feeling we encounter for the first time. The first of everything walks in with a titillating head. The thrill, the excitement that it packs in is unmatched, which wanes as it gets reiterated.

Just the thought of “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” hauls me back in time, and compels me to think about how exhilarating the whole experience was.

I wish to walk in a story like Tom’s adventure. Sometimes I wish to be like words in a story. But then again, aren’t I already?


Every year, an year slips into the abyss of death. But how do we see it? Do we see it with grieving eyes of days lost? Or do we embrace the new timeline with promising eyes? Is it about taking a minute to swivel around to look at your shit? Or while at it, gawking at those bashes you had focusing on the goods? The latter seems promising, right?

It’s all about perception. Life is supposed to be a party. Keep it that way. Take a moment to remember how the year went. Do an introspection of your life as you know it. You have another calendar rolled afront you. Tread on it with things undone. Reiterate only those things that are worth doing. Listen to Patton from Lone Survivor go:

Anything in life worth doing is worth overdoing. Moderation is for cowards.

Introspection is nothing but a report that manifests how you fared by looking at your past. It paves way for improvement. Also would inspire you to keep giving your best. Just like any report card’s purpose is.

As I sit here, trying to settle on another resolution, I wonder if I was even close to completing the previous one. I kept deferring it till the timeline passed away. It is time to conceive another one now. To the resolution that never saw the light: I will do you this year bitch! 😛

Like every year I am going to celebrate life even more than it deserves. Whilst at it I would lunge into the literary awesomeness. I would write more. I would stride into things I have been afraid of venturing into. I would take up challenges and finish all things that I had left stranded. I would venture another step towards what ‘I’ want to do, rather than what others want from me. Be my own boss! I want to feel things more. Wish to empathize more. Most importantly – want to grow.

Time has always been a bitch to me. I would make sure I relish it with utmost care. Someone taught me how we get 86400 seconds a day and we spend most of it unproductive. The comparison was made between 86400 moments being analogous to 86400 bucks in our account that would last a day and disappear every night if we didn’t spend it. Wouldn’t we squander it lavishly if we were promised the amount every single day? The point is – make the most of it.

We don’t know what growls ahead. Our timeline could just be a loop and we might as well have to tackle with our shit once again. If you do come across it, just don’t pick up the gloomy glasses to look at it. Try the happy ones. It wouldn’t be as bad.

Keep finding yourself. Yearn for your purpose. Take Twain’s lines:

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.

If you haven’t found it yet, don’t call off the search. Explore every friggin area. Give everything a shot. Like I always say: If you haven’t tried it, you wouldn’t know how good or bad it is.

Replace every little memory of a fight you had with a picture of togetherness. Tear away every unpleasant chapter from your life that you are not going to revisit. Just focus on bygone goods and smile. Good times shimmer ahead. Make sure you get your gear ready for that leap of faith.

And dive!