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It is so weird how I get so much involved in my life, I rarely get time to do what I love doing the most. Writing is hard. But it also is soothing. It brings me back to awesomeness. It makes me embrace reality. It pinpoints me out from the rest and escalates me to a level I wish to stay forever in.

Writing is hard for me. Just like it has been for Moody from Californication. But my words are just thoughts put into a piece of paper. How hard could that be? English isn’t my mother tongue either. Yet I feel like I have a connection with this language. I must have been deep rooted into this shit. Or maybe I was destined to fall in love with it. Maybe in my eyes it’s much appreesh……!

It turns music when you come into the same frequency as of your thoughts. Then you love your words. You marvel your brain for the beautiful music it creates. You sway to it then. You feel the depth of your words. You feel that twist in your guts. It is beautiful. The sheer knowledge that it emanated from you, fills your bosom with pride.

Ever wondered how impeccably an author describes his characters and gradually fills life into them? You are compelled to put them into your imagination. You create them with your thoughts. They become as real as they get in your head. Every writer is an artist, a creator, who breathes life into inanimate objects.

I am such a big fan of writing. It brings out the best in me. Without it I would be just so ordinary. It excels me in my own eyes. I don’t care what people say. I like being my own judge. My creation brings a smile to my face. That should suffice.

Some story I am, from a book unknown.

I am just so involved, I overlook what makes me. Words. I have been carved with words. My soul was written with words, of some great writer with a simple pen yet with a good heart. For that I will be extremely grateful for the rest of my life.

I have been written and described in a book, just like gazillions of people all across the globe have been penned. We are all stories, our features described, our stories narrated. All we are supposed to do is play our parts and be our writer’s story.

I wish to pen you down. My words always find you, just like my thoughts. I can spend days just thinking, such thoughts of beauty, romance and excellence. They get lost when they don’t find a piece of paper. But you cannot be put on a piece of paper. You are infinite. I cannot confine your wonders.

Sometimes I ponder – Should I be ashamed to write you? Should I wonder who is going to read me? Should I really care about the world? I haven’t really given it a thought. But if I don’t mention you, then my leaflets would dry up, because you are important.

You know that I have fallen for you. Not because I am feeble, but because you are strong. Your essence surprises me. Your eyes draw me. Your voice is like music. Your lips play my favorite songs all the time.

I remember an excerpt from my own oeuvre:

You are the story of my life.

I will pen you with sparkling colors.

You don’t have a name yet. Or may be I don’t like naming you. You are in my dreams already. You are playing with me in that dimension. I can see that. The guy in the mirror is happy and I am happy for him.

But every story is tragic. If there are no stones, I am not walking on the right path. Right? I have got rocks rolling. I am there, yet I am not there. My rivals keep hitting me, and I keep falling to the ground. I simply defend. I don’t take a stand. I don’t have a reason to throw a punch. I don’t know my enemy. I don’t know whom to fight. You haven’t given me a reason to.

I can fight anyone, if you are by my side. But you stand in the center with unsure steps written all over you.

I see the wall, the invisible one. That is the only thing that stops me from you. I can knock it down. But you like it all strong and sturdy. So I keep mum.

Still I will jot you down every now and then. Not because I have to, but because I want to. You make me want to write. You force my thoughts to flow. You put them to words. I am glad that you do, coz writing is something I can’t part with.

I am grateful that you happened because your mere presence gave me thoughts and words. Your existence… your existence simply carves out the better writer in me.


I have always been fascinated by games. Leisure enthralls me. It’s my fuel. Keeps me going. I can’t imagine a life without entertainment. Wait! I can. It is the 100th dimension. Ummm…….Yeah not so good.

Everything about games fascinates me. Games were my first love after all. Earlier when ‘MS-DOS‘ used to be the Godfather, I remember discovering ‘Nibbles‘ in my computer. It was really something then, which anyone would now brand as just another snake game. Now if a gamer is told that there are a couple of keys to control the protagonist, he sees only one. Soon I became a champ. That was the first visual indoor game I ever encountered in my life and I left no stone unturned to reach the final stage of the game.

That was there, alongside ‘Gorillas‘, the first artillery game I ever played. Two gorillas would go bananas over their explosive bananas which they used to throw at each other. They would stand at different buildings (guess that was to avoid them from clobbering each other). Pretty great concept huh! Those concepts went on to develop much better games in the long run. ‘Pocket Tanks‘ is a fully fledged example of that.

I encountered ‘Pac-Man‘ at almost the same time. I went nuts over the game. I would sneak up at night to show those bloody ghosts who the real boss was. I distinctly remember me and my uncle playing till 4 am in the morning bent on carrying Pac-Man’s legend to the next level.

The next best thing that popped up in my life was ‘The Paper Boy‘ which defeated the purpose of every other game in my life. I would play that with my brother all the time. Floppies used to hover hither and thither for more games. Soon I was introduced to ‘The Prince of Persia‘. Speechless. I spent a major part of my life trying to finish that game. ‘Chess‘ made sense at a young age and I found the game immensely intelligent. It made me feel intelligent. It is fun. So I never actually stopped playing it.

The first time I saw ‘Mario’ on a video game, I heard music playing in the background. It was magical. I knew in my heart at once that I gotta play this. Soon I made sure of that. Battle City, Galaxian, Duck Hunt and Hongan’s Alley soon followed. I would always be fond of Battle City though. It happens to be the favorite of a lot of people in my life. Guess I will never run short of the ‘second player’.

The sojourn after that was even more magical. With games like ‘Hitman‘ and ‘Delta Force‘, I stepped into the world of third and first person shooting game. I would play anything with a gun. It was also the time when music started making sense to me. Jesper Kyd touched that note with his composition and became a hit almost at once. My ears adulate him to date.

With an introduction to games like ‘Call of Duty‘ and ‘Medal of Honor‘, knowledge about guns and grenades thrived. I was even introduced to Command and Conquer games, which I at once got a liking toward. ‘Red Alert‘ happens to be the first strategic game I got acquainted with. Soon ‘Age of Empires‘, ‘Age of Mythology‘ followed. ‘Rise of Nations‘ is currently brandishing my computer wall. Games like ‘Freedom Fighter‘ and ‘Desert Storm‘ were some of the best games I ever encountered meanwhile.

Assassin’s Creed‘, however, changed the way I used to think. I am smitten by the concept, theme and, of course, the music. ‘Batman Arkham Asylum‘ and ‘Battlefield Bad Company‘ were some of the finest games I ever came across during that time. Franchises of Company of heroes, Virtua Tennis, Cricket, Fifa, Raw, Smackdown, Shank, Call of Juarez, Just Cause, GTA and NFS are still being profoundly revered by me. They will always stay close to my heart, in my hard disk.

I am glad that they are there. They give me company all the time. They never let me down, never let me be alone. They’d never let me go because I love them so much. All I care about is the control. Just let me have it and I will teleport myself to a different dimension altogether.

With technology galloping using all four hooves, I am surprised at how realistic games are becoming today. It is surreal how small games used to be, and how big they have gradually become. Small yet significant games have bowed out now and have paved way for realism.

I have played them all. Makes me feel old. But when I look at the journey ahead, I know there is a lot to come. Oh! Wait and tag along it gets more real than this.