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Cage is everywhere. Just name a place on this planet and he has already visited it. He is unknowingly creeping towards ‘been-there-done-that‘ world. Why, you ask? Oh, you didn’t. I am imagining things now.

Yeah, I know you are aware of how he has been picking his flicks recently. Yes, he has a bowl filled with chits from fans…er…directors, willing to make a feature film with him. He picks them randomly. He has never been fond of reading his scripts, the precise reason, why I think I can get away with this article. His status – always available. His memory fading – the word ‘No’ has vanished now. Yep I checked it. He can’t say ‘No’ to anyone. Right time for you to rope him in.

The reason I am making such bizarre assertions is, of course, because I think something is not right. He was fine two years ago, wasn’t he?

As a Cage fan, I still can’t help watching his movies, and must I say, I am amazed – how they don’t stop coming! He’s been doing some 4-5 movies on an average every year. Surprised as hell was I when I found out, his next year is already booked with 6-7 movie releases.

I remember reading a column on Nicolas when I was quite young, on how he became an actor and what adversities he encountered in doing so. It was the time when ‘City of Angels‘ hit the cinemas. I was amazed on how talented an actor he was, after watching that flick. I was intrigued by the article and soon he became one of my favorite actors. His role in ‘Face/Off‘ too made us all rejoice beyond limit. I still think ‘Lord of War‘ is one of the finest flicks I have ever seen to date. I have seen him in 21 movies, which is not that big a number considering the amount of movies he has done hitherto.

Some of the greatest works of his life popped up this decade and we are extremely grateful for that. But looking at his past year’s fiasco, I am surprised, how he has been killing himself with tons of work. Well, of course he has been following that regime ever since he was born. But he was young then, remember? Now, he is too old to be doing 4-5 movies. I found HIMYM making fun of him with the quote ‘as busy as Nicolas Cage’ the other day. I was going through the dictionary once, and found the verb form of ‘to cage’ insinuating ‘to act like Nicolas in the movie Ghost Rider‘. Weird.

Don’t you cage off now!

I am a big Cage fan. I will always be. I just wish him to come up with good stuff like ‘The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans‘, ‘Matchstick Men‘ or ‘Lord of War‘ for that to matter.

Well of course he would bounce back in no time, I am sure. All he needs to do is relax a little. Take it easy man! How does 1 sound as a number?