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Image of a dreamer who wishes to create his own story

The Dreamer

We are made up of stories. Each cell in our body is carved by our own action. Every thought in our head is moulded with experience. We become what we do. We are helmed on the anvils of our surroundings. Others in our lives hammer us into an ineffable contour. We bend, we twist and we cringe. That’s all we do. Stories we become. Millions of stories that form with every fraction of breath we inhale. A walking, talking embodiment of gazillions of tales.

  1. It becomes impactful when some wander out of their written page and append to their own story. They become the real dreamers, who abhor the stagnant of the life. They like to go out and explore. They defy those sledgehammers, and stand against the world if challenged. They work, and work in pang to bring stories in their heads to fruition. They stay in control, hate to be controlled. They have their own ink to pen the poetry of their life. To embellish their words with a vocabulary of their taking.
  2. Then there is the rest whole lot, who wait like shriveled pages for pens to wet them. They want others to happen to them, and wait with sanguine eyes for words to enter their lives. They always choose preordained slots meant to herd them into queues, and never question why. They let the world pass them by in their sheer torpor. They are left to the mercy of everything around them. They do nothing. They let nothing do them.

Those are the two kinds of people we are. That’s all there is to it. We are stories. Now it is up to us to choose our kind.