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Following words might change the way you have been sipping life as you know it. Taking in as it hits you, just breathing is what you have been doing so far. No second thoughts, no contemplation, no brooding, no searching for the right way, just running after the bland old conventional bookish ways that taught you how to live and how to be successful without specifics. For some, well, this has nothing new to offer. Some of you already know the apparent. Slapping you with the obvious isn’t my intent, but to see if it clicks for you as well and that it shows you the way to a pinnacle in every frigging area, is. If it does, it will make this theory intact and invincible.

Ladies and gentlemen, I bring to you, a theory, created from personal experience, manufactured from numerous word exchanges with my brother that entailed a lot of brooding right ‘neath the stars at night, sometimes on a sleep deprived bed, built sometimes with impromptu reasoning emanated from a corny conversation, but a theory so effective that I guaran-damn-tee works all the time. I call it ‘The Theory of Confidence’. Tan Tan naaaaaaaaan. (I hereby request my musician to just drop it!)

Here goes the theory:

Any activity or task carried out without a glint of fear, doubt or cowardice, with conviction, bravery and confidence, is going to work out for you causing you to succeed.

Let us dig into it right away.

Fear is your enemy

Fear is one of the penultimate truths which I declare as the blunt nemesis of this theory, hands down. Name any work you take in your hand, any situation, any talk, any debate, any little thing that you are afraid to do, where fear is the primate predator of your consciousness, you would definitely end up failing. If you tremble whilst talking, fidget in doing a job, fumble in your fear-ridden activity, you would be surprised to find that the job at hand is gradually making you lose. You would inadvertently end up into the gloomy side. However, if you nailed it somehow even in the presence of fear, it was because of that flickering light of hope that caused you to diminish your scary quotient.

True for all areas in life. Do not be afraid! Stay strong. Bitch-slap fear in the face!

Stay away from doubt

Eschew apprehension. If you worry about what is going to happen, it is simply going to toss your win into an abyss of lost players. Worrying is another form of fear. Dubitation is just another name we give to fidgeting. A subset of fear.

Don’t let it destroy your big deal. Be sure of the thing in question.

Live in the present

One uncanny habit of ours – Teleporting into the future to see the outcome. The ability to think also leads us to the ability to think too much. A recess in our brain that just takes us into thousands of alternate realities. Our brain starts creating possibilities and drifts us away from the present causing us to lose focus. Whilst the outcome of a situation in hand could have been the simplest, our mind takes us on a never-ending joyride and we go Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Stop it! Stop creating results even before they happen. In case you can’t help it, simply behold yourself winning. Don’t let any other thought mess with your brain.

Be cocksure about yourself

Thousands of situations go kaput owing to you not being sure about yourself. Not believing in yourself impregnates doubt. This again pushes you toward failure. If you doubt yourself you are giving rise to fear involuntarily. Afraid that you might not be able to cross that finishing line, thinking less of yourself, not able to fly that high, ‘wouldn’t be able to make it’ are all signs of doubting yourself.

Be cocksure! You have the capability to do anything in this world. Anything! We are built that way. Make the most of it. Any challenging task that mocks you in your face, you can surmount it by being sure about your will. Next time if someone asks if you can do it, stare at them sharp and reply, “I can do anything.”

Find your confidence booster

What boosts your confidence? Look for things in life that makes you really confident. For me, the magic was clothes. Like if I was wearing something really good, one good look in the mirror and I felt confidence beaming me up into cloud nine. Things that emanated therefrom would always go uphill. I would keep getting things done then, win all day and feel like I am on a roll. Then again if something wasn’t right with my clothes, I would be a meek dog all day and wait for every situation to die out somehow so that I could go home and sleep.

Your confidence booster could be anything ranging from something as petty as a smile to something crucial as money or seeing a person, thing or a pet you love. Look for the thing that opens you up and turns you on. Your day shalt be made.

Knowing what you are doing

The above adage shouts loud enough. If you are doing something you don’t comprehend, it simply gives way to doubts, further allowing timidity to usher in. You will become victim to indifference and in the process lose mettle. Failure will find you and will kill you. (It already knows where you are!)

Make sure you know your thing. If something baffles you up, go to ground zero and start again. Ensure you poke at the rudimentary and show your doubt a way towards enlightenment.

Redo things and encourage moderation

How often have you felt concerned, agitated and worried while doing a thing for the first time? The first time of everything is a challenge. You don’t know what is going to come or how things are going to pan out. You have a surreal heartbeat that just doesn’t make sense. You are confused because of the lack of knowledge. You ask people for directions. You ask them what needs to be done.

But once acquainted, if you revisit the dilemma, you would be surprised to find out that the thing you were afraid of was nothing. It wasn’t at all a big deal. Your mind projected glimpses that were untrue the first time, and whilst redoing it, you have unknowingly garnered a new sense of courage because of the acquaintance.

If you are afraid of a situation, just take the leap of faith and jump in. Overdo it to let confidence seep in you. Known places, known faces, known situations, known formula, known solutions are all going to brim your glass up with conviction.

As the quote from Lone Survivor teaches us:

Anything in life worth doing is worth overdoing. Moderation is for cowards.

Repeat any such activity to gain audacity just as the cliché rightly gawks at your face:

Practice makes a man perfect.


The following words might not be morally right but unfortunately true:

Conscience, morality and ethics are products of mankind. Nothing is truly wrong if there is no regret. Even a lie isn’t truly a lie, if said with conviction. If it weren’t so, why does a lying man then escape judgement?

Nothing matters on this planet but sheer pluck. A world built on how steady one’s thoughts are. How incessant the stream is. If I lie with ‘confidence’, it would end up annexing the truth.

This is how we are left out here on earth – Alone. Shattered. Scared. We look for a wayfarer to lead us to our destination. We are all too lazy to follow anything. Conventions that our forefathers created are like spoons that came to feed us and who doesn’t like to be fed?

It is a world of nerves. The lack of nerves is fear, and fear inches you toward chaos. If you want a job done, just face its related fears and embrace confidence.


Cage is everywhere. Just name a place on this planet and he has already visited it. He is unknowingly creeping towards ‘been-there-done-that‘ world. Why, you ask? Oh, you didn’t. I am imagining things now.

Yeah, I know you are aware of how he has been picking his flicks recently. Yes, he has a bowl filled with chits from fans…er…directors, willing to make a feature film with him. He picks them randomly. He has never been fond of reading his scripts, the precise reason, why I think I can get away with this article. His status – always available. His memory fading – the word ‘No’ has vanished now. Yep I checked it. He can’t say ‘No’ to anyone. Right time for you to rope him in.

The reason I am making such bizarre assertions is, of course, because I think something is not right. He was fine two years ago, wasn’t he?

As a Cage fan, I still can’t help watching his movies, and must I say, I am amazed – how they don’t stop coming! He’s been doing some 4-5 movies on an average every year. Surprised as hell was I when I found out, his next year is already booked with 6-7 movie releases.

I remember reading a column on Nicolas when I was quite young, on how he became an actor and what adversities he encountered in doing so. It was the time when ‘City of Angels‘ hit the cinemas. I was amazed on how talented an actor he was, after watching that flick. I was intrigued by the article and soon he became one of my favorite actors. His role in ‘Face/Off‘ too made us all rejoice beyond limit. I still think ‘Lord of War‘ is one of the finest flicks I have ever seen to date. I have seen him in 21 movies, which is not that big a number considering the amount of movies he has done hitherto.

Some of the greatest works of his life popped up this decade and we are extremely grateful for that. But looking at his past year’s fiasco, I am surprised, how he has been killing himself with tons of work. Well, of course he has been following that regime ever since he was born. But he was young then, remember? Now, he is too old to be doing 4-5 movies. I found HIMYM making fun of him with the quote ‘as busy as Nicolas Cage’ the other day. I was going through the dictionary once, and found the verb form of ‘to cage’ insinuating ‘to act like Nicolas in the movie Ghost Rider‘. Weird.

Don’t you cage off now!

I am a big Cage fan. I will always be. I just wish him to come up with good stuff like ‘The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans‘, ‘Matchstick Men‘ or ‘Lord of War‘ for that to matter.

Well of course he would bounce back in no time, I am sure. All he needs to do is relax a little. Take it easy man! How does 1 sound as a number?